infinitE Project



Infinity Dome (Custom Built Platform)


15 Weeks



Experience/Platform Designer

Game Designer




Team infinitE was tasked with designing and building the first installation in an interactive energy lab. The goal of the lab is to spark an interest amongst 6th and 7th grade students in the field of energy.


The team designed an interactive hemispherical display that brings the cosmic scale of energy down to the individual scale in a way that kids can understand. We delivered the physical installation as well as a wealth of content to use with it. It was important to ensure the platform was easy to develop for and has enough content to make it a permanent fixture  in the classroom.


As the centerpiece of the classroom, it serves as the Energy Lab's Cinderella Castle and fundamental introduction to how energy works in our universe.


While similar non-touchscreen devices have been built in the past, ours came in at a mere fraction of the cost and  functioning touchscreen features.



Team Members:

Jimit Bhalani

Lisa Elkin

Adarsh Pavani

Juan J. Ramirez




Initial Concepts

Early "Pepper's Ghost" Concept

Accompanying iPad Application

This project leveraged the student's iPads to "class source" education. The application allowed students and teachers to collaborate outside of the classroom to share information. Students can post and comment on information that they feel is important to a topic introduced by the teacher. This content can range from academic publications to episodes of The Big Bang Theory". All conversation sparking information is welcome. The students are rewarded energy points that tie into a gamified layer of the application.

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